1. Golden Star Hunt is a Richfella Records initiative designed to effectively enable the record company to discover unknown talented upcoming acts and help to bring their dream alive. It is not a live TV reality show. However video clips from all the auditions will be streamed through all our online media channels and as well through our media partner’s channels to millions of viewers locally and internationally. With the grand finale aired as well through local and Cable Satellite TV stations (covers 120 nations) and Roku devices and the internet the world over.
  2. Only original works are expected of the acts/artistes in the grand final and as well during the actual production. We do not welcome plagiarism
  3. We do not welcome libelous, scandalous and explicit content.
  4. We welcome all genres of music from traditional to modern gigs, gospel, contemporary gospel, rap, afro hip-hop , inspirational, reggae etc
  5. Our artistes should not engage in any socially immoral and unacceptable acts that will bring negative publicity to the firm.
  6. Richfella Records (an arm of Richfella Royal Communication co) reserves the right to alter, adjust our terms and policies as deemed fit and to the best interest of the label and mother company.
  7. Participants of the GSH 2019 contest and artistes must abide by the rules and policies of Richfella Records as going against the rules and policies of the firm will attract unfavorable response in line with the decision of the management.
  8. Winners of the Golden Star Hunt contest are to be directed, produced and managed and marketed by Richfella Records,(as well through our marketing agencies and partners)
  9. We do not welcome any form of self piracy of our works by our artistes.
  10. We do not pay upfront signup fees to non-popular, upcoming artistes. But the management owes it to dish out sumptuous Wardrobe fees to artistes as determined by the executives.
  11. Richfella Records reserve the exclusive rights to all singles, albums and videos etc produced by and under Richfella Records (Richfella Royal Communication Company).
  12. Once production and promotion is completed, in the event that the work (album /singles) enter the marketing phase, our revenue sharing formula is 70/30 respectively. 70% goes to the company, Richfella Records ( Richfella Royal Communication company) covering all expenses and ROI, while 30% goes to the artistes.
  13. Royalties may be paid on an outright terms or on a quarterly basis as deemed fit by the management depending on the circumstances surrounding the produced work (album/singles) depending on the estimated success ratio such work.
  14. Generally speaking, participants of the Golden Star Hunt contest and our artistes should be 21yrs and above but participants and artistes of lower age may still register and participate with parent/guardian backing, backed by a handwritten, signed letter from the parents/guardian. So even if you are aged 5yrs , as long as you are a gifted performer and singer/artistes, you are welcome to Richfella Records’ Golden Star Hunt.
  15. The contest preliminary screening / audition will be done via a live accapella performance before the judges under a short time frame. The next screening audition phase will be instrumental-inclusive performance. Here the acts are expected to perform their favorite popular songs in full with musical instrumentation inclusive ( in contrast to the accapella screening). And the grand finale will be a live performance of original songs written and performed by the acts/artistes.
    Contestants are hereby advised to be well prepared, poised, and confident and put in their very best within this period of time and as well always, through out the test sessions of the contest.